Top Bush Supporters Set to Launch Anti-Miers Ad Campaign

A 30-second TV ad is set to air tomorrow, Wednesday, that some believe may be as effective at helping stop the Harriett Miers confirmation as the Swift Boat ads were in helping stop John Kerry., a conservative grass-roots organization, created and funded the hard-hitting anti-Miers (but pro-Bush) ad. The organization's board of directors includes several otherwise staunch Republican stalwarts, such as David Frum and Linda Chavez.

"Miers is no more qualified to sit on the Supreme Court than I am to be a sumo wrestler!" So stated the so very un-sumo-like Ann Coulter.

But's ad and website show Coulter's is just one voice in a chorus of conservative leaders lining up against President Bush on his selection of Harriet Miers for the swing seat on the Supreme Court. Conservatives as diverse as Robert Bork, Phyllis Schlafly, Rush Limbaugh, Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, Gary Bauer, George Will, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin (see below) all are united in their opposition to this nomination.

In his recent New York Times Best Seller, Men in Black, Mark Levin puts forth the perspective that most conservatives wish the president would have followed in his Supreme Court nomination.

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