Did John Kerry give aid and comfort to the enemy?
POWs' Wives Featured in New Swift Boat Ad


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This poignant new Swift Boat ad (see above), begins airing tomorrow. HUMAN EVENTS has obtained the 60-second ad that features brief comments by the wives of former Vietnam-era POWs, expressing their feelings about Kerry’s questionable post-war activities. According to sources near the Swift Boat organization, $1.4 million will be spent to get this most recent message out. The ad will appear nationally on cable, and on broadcast TV in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Nevada.

New chapter exposes John Kerry’s unauthorized meeting in Paris with Communist Vietnamese leaders

Chapter 7 of UNFIT FOR COMMAND reveals that while still a Naval officer, John Kerry traveled to Paris for a secret summit with Communist Vietnamese leaders. The FBI was so concerned that they began monitoring Kerry's moves.

Read this startling chapter from UNFIT FOR COMMAND today (available FREE below). You’ll be shocked at Kerry’s actions, including what Kerry did after his unusually short tour of duty. Kerry’s graphic tales of atrocities before a Senate committee were a slap in the face to the military heroes who were, at that very moment, fighting and dying in Vietnam. His anti-war rhetoric was played over and over to our POWs in an effort to break them.

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