Kerry Supporters Hack Barnes & Noble Website

Posted August 9, 2004

Will Kerry's supporters stop at nothing?

The cover of the new anti-Kerry book, Unfit for Command, set to hit shelves soon, was given an alternative, pro-Kerry cover at the Barnes & Noble online store (this is a chached page; also see the images from the Barnes & Noble site below). The title of the book was changed to Fit for Command, and the cover image was changed from a close-up of a finger-pointing Kerry to a picture of Kerry in uniform with other Vietnam veterans. (The book currently sits at #7 on the Barnes & Noble Top 100 and at #1 on Amazon.)

The book, which challenges the "war hero" status of John Kerry's four months in Vietnam, was a part of a major firestorm last week as portions of the book were first revealed by The Drudge Report and a new anti-Kerry advertisement from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth -- a "527" group of which the author of Unfit, John O'Neill, is a member -- was first reported by Human Events Online. Following the Human Events exclusive, a letter from DNC and Kerry lawyers to various TV stations attempting to intimidate them into blocking the ad from the airwaves was also exclusively revealed by Human Events Online.

Though no information on the source of the cover change has been found, the latest tactic from the pro-Kerry crowd -- whether from a computer hacker or an employee of Barnes & Noble or anyone else -- can hardly be considered surprising.

Compare the original to the new Barnes & Noble versions:



Lest you doubt the Barnes & Noble actually listed a book online with an altered cover, here's how the page appeared:


Click here for a free chapter ("The Purple Heart Hunter") from UNFIT FOR COMMAND