Swift Boat Ad #5: 
Kerry Still Proud of Trashing Ribbons (Not Medals?) -- Veterans Question Kerry's Trustworthiness

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Third shocking chapter recounts medal trashing ceremony;
reveals Kerry’s antiwar secrets

The #1 New York Times bestseller UNFIT FOR COMMAND is creating a firestorm this campaign season with its detailed investigation of Kerry’s actions in Vietnam and his anti-war activities when he returned home. The Swift Boat Vets expose the false accounts that led to Kerry's medals, and how POWs suffered in the hands of their captors because of his antiwar rhetoric. The book reveals other Kerry secrets, including his flip-flopping story about his disgraceful act of trashing war medals. First he claimed that he threw his medals. Then he claimed that he tossed someone else’s medals. When he was pressed on this inconsistency, he changed his story again and claimed that he threw away his ribbons but not his medals.

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