New TV Special Says Kerry Should Have Been Relieved of Duty... Or Court-Martialed  


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In a new TV special, set to air later this week, John Kerry's fellow Swift Boat veterans have harsh words for the former "war hero." Captain George Elliott says he believes Kerry should have been removed from command, and possibly even thrown out of the Navy. Elliott was commander of Coastal Division 11, where Kerry spent his four short months of active duty in Viet Nam.

Fellow Swift Boat vet Steve Gardner is even tougher – he says Kerry could well have been court-martialed, had the chain of command known then what they know now.

These and other first-person interviews of the men who served with Kerry in Viet Nam are part of a brand-new TV documentary called "Unfit to Lead," which will air in Florida later this week. The special is largely based on the best-selling book, Unfit for Command, and is hosted by the book's author, John O'Neill, who took over Kerry's swift boat in Viet Nam more than 30 years ago.

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